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High Barrier Pouches / Bags

In the Indian sub-continent, Accura market ‘Bernhardt’ Packaging like, High Barrier Pouches / Bags made out of high barrier multilayer foils. Bernhardt from France, is focussed for over 30 years in the manufacturing of high barrier foil packaging and industrial machines for the pharma industry. Sensitive products get protectionagainst oxidation, gas, moisture, UV rays and odors with High barrier multi-layered pouches / bags. Suitable for sensitive products, High barrier multilayer foils are efficient for vacuum packing or with reinsertion of neutral gas.

Special Features

  • The layers of foil made from assembling of different complementary materials
  • Suitable for volumes, from 80 to 2000 litres
  • Efficient and certified for the protection of pharmaceutical and chemical products from diverse, external contaminating agents
  • Produced in compliance with cGMP, at a cGMP compliant manufacturing site
  • Highly tested before their shipment
  • Have perfect traceability (with the traceability number given on each bag)
  • Drop test, bacterial test, pressure resistance and tensile strength test done for each production to ensure quality control
  • Suitable for packing API, excipients, powders, granules, liquids, capsules, tablets, medical devices
  • Pharmacopeia agreement available
  • Test certificates available

Shapes available:

  • 3 Seals Pouches / Bags (3S)
    • Applications: Steel or cardboard drums, cardboard box
  • Side gussets Pouches / Bags (2SL or 4SL)
    • Applications: Octabin / pallet-box / big bag

Opening options:

  • Total opening
  • Reduced opening
  • Reduced cut out shape opening
  • Foil inner layer Polyethylene (Pe) or Polypropylene (PP) from 75 µm to 150 µm.
    Additives such as Evoh or Siox, Alox to increase barrier efficiency
  • Foil outer layer Polyester (Pet), White or Brown Paper, Polyamide (Pa), metallised Polyester, Polypropylene
  • Foil middle layer These layers increase mechanical or barrier efficiency
    (Aluminium, Polyamide, metallised Polyester)
  • Volumes 80 to 2000 litres
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